Handshake Europe Sculpture Park

About Handshake Europe Sculpture Park

The Handshake Europe Sculpture Park is situated in the largest park of Balatonalmádi - called St. Elizabeth's Park -, right along road number 71. In the sculpture park, both classical sculptures as well as non-figurative sculptures can be seen by the visitors. The art seen here boasts in its touching majesty.

The idea of the outdoor exhibition was originated from the painter Lajos Veszeli living in the settlement. At his initiative, the municipality agreed in 2012 to create a sculpture park in the primeval park between the railway station and the pier, thus increasing the cultural and tourist attractiveness of our city. Our city used a grant of about HUF 34 million from the Leader tender to create the site, walkways and sculptural foundations.

The sculpture park opened in August 2013, and its purpose is mostly expressed by its name: Handshake Europe. In addition to the works of Hungarian artists, the works of European sculptors are also included here.

The initiators contacted 26 countries in Europe by the aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first sculptures of Italian artists arrived to the park and spent 2 years here (2013-14), followed by Finland in 2015-16, Poland in 2017, the United Kingdom, Belgium.

The current stock of the park consists of 63 sculptures, of which 44 are Hungarian and 19 are foreign (represented countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland).

The Handshake Europe Sculpture Park is under constant development. The aim of the Almádi P-Art Foundation is to represent all European countries in the sculpture park with an outdoor work.

Handshake Europe Sculpture Park