Almádi P-Art Foundation

The residents and communities of Balatonalmádi consider it a tradition to appreciate and care for the values of the past. By the beginning of the 19th century, it was possible to create a built environment of landscape architecture and park architecture, to which public works of art, historical sculptures and memorial sites could be made as a result of the sacrificial work of the "Almádi Circle" at that time. This value-creating landscape architecture work provided the basis for the Almádi P-Art Foundation to consciously plan the continuation of the activity that can be called the mission that our predecessors started.

A "Leader" tender launched in 2012 helped transform the park’s landscape architecture. The Almádi P-Art Foundation was established on the initiative of the local painter Lajos Veszeli.

The primary goal of the Almádi P-Art Foundation is to provide an opportunity for contemporary, Hungarian and foreign artists to meet their audiences in a dignified environment, and to create inspiring new works in the city of Balatonalmádi. Through this, the founder wants to make the support of the arts, especially the branches of fine and applied arts, a defining element of the character and attractiveness of the city of Balatonalmádi.

One of our most important projects is the Handshake Europe Sculpture Park, but we also try to take part in a number of small and large activities that affect art in some form, both as an initiator and as a contributing partner.

For the first time in 2014, we were able to create a creative camp called Öreghegyi Művésztelep, and in 2017 the Berény well was established on our initiative. The Balatonalmádi Pantheon was handed over in March 2018, where the busts of people who did a lot for Almádi were given a worthy place.

Almádi P-Art Foundation

Handshake Europe Sculpture Park

The "Handshake Europe Sculpture Park" was created in 2013 in the Old Park of Balatonalmádi and in St. Elizabeth's Park based on the original idea of the painter Lajos Veszeli. The project, implemented in the mid-2000s, was made possible by the modest resources of the foundation, the charity of the artists, and the collaboration of the supporters. Most of the sculptures came to the park in the form of a loan agreement or donation.

Old Hill "Öreghegy" Artist Colony

At the top of the Old Hill in Almádi, we were able to implement the creative/art camp in the disused building of a former military object and with the equipment of a car hangar (studio), for the first time in 2014. The concept of the artists' colony is based on the use of special local red sandstone on the shores of Lake Balaton and the display of related traditions and object culture. The spirit of this concept is incorporated by artists into the form system of contemporary sculpture.

Well of Berény

The memorial well created on the square opposite the fortified church has been a theme of the meetings of the Vörösberényi Civic Reading Circle for 15 years. Sketches were made at that time. When remodeling the space, the technical management of the municipality took care to preserve the well that had been there for a very long time, so it only temporarily covered it, preparing the construction of the electrical wiring for the plans to be implemented. Thus, everything was available to make the aesthetic public memorial site of the ancient fishing village, "Szárberény" and later Vörösberény, feasible.

The memorial well handed over on September 30, 2017, commemorates the fishing village on the one hand, and on the other hand the 14 red stone carvings prominent on the sides symbolize the belonging of the settlements named Berény.

Pantheon of Balatonalmádi

In 2014, the Almádi P-Art Foundation initiated the establishment of the Balatonalmádi Pantheon. The first two busts of excellence were displayed in 2017, and then in 2020 the medical garden was expanded with two more works, all of which were created by professional sculptors.

The jury of the official review department of the Hungarian Creative Public Nonprofit Ltd. gave a high-level evaluation of the works and the creation of the environment – a medical garden – was also praised.

The sculptures currently in the pantheon are: