Balatonalmádi Pantheon

About Balatonalmádi Pantheon

Balatonalmádi Pantheon is situated in the park next to the Balatonalmádi Health Center. The place (Doctor Garden) became a great area for the busts of those people who did the most for Almádi.

The sculptures have largely been made at the Old Hill Sculptor Art Colony in recent years. The information boards below the busts describe the life path of Almádi's greats to passers-by.

Portrait of Dr. Ferenc Óvári made of white limestone in the Balatonalmádi Pantheon (created by István Fáskerti and his daughter, Zsófia Fáskerti), a bronze statue of the county governor and historian called Dezső Véghely (created by Illés Erika), bust of Jób Kompolthy world traveler, sailor captain made of limestone of Süttő (created by Beretvás Csanád) and a bronze statue of Dr. Aurél Vajkai medical doctor, ethnographer, museum director (created by Major Janka).

The pantheon is approximately 500 meters far from the Handshake Europe Sculpture Park. It can be approached on foot with a convenient 10-minute walk. It is advisable to approach it on foot, if you arrive by car, it is worth parking in the city center. Parking is free in the entire area of Balatonalmádi.

Balatonalmádi Pantheon