Sculptor, a defining artist of the 19th century. He was born in 1831 in the settlement of Disznóshorvát (now called Izsófalva) and died at the age of 43 in Budapest. He took part in the War of Independence in 1848-1849. He began his studies in Sárospatak, and then was a stonemason in the years after the concealment of weapons, while he tirelessly trained himself as a student of István Ferenczy, a renowned sculptor. After the years of deprivation, Budapest and then the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts followed. His best-known work is The Sheer Shepherd, which earned him recognition in Munich. His public sculptures adorn Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and Balatonalmádi. He was laid to rest in the Kerepesi cemetery in Budapest.

Miklós Izsó
Data sheet
  • Born: September 9, 1831
  • Died: May 29, 1875
  • Nationality: Hungarian