Jób Kompolthy

Csanád Beretvás: Jób Kompolthy

(2020, Balatonalmádi Pantheon)

(23 January, 1879, Budapest – 26 December, 1938, Balatonalmádi) Sea-captain, globetrotter, postmaster in China, mandarin, travel-book writer.

Even his father, the newspaper editor and writer, Tivadar Kompolthy was a globetrotter seaman, likewise his son completed maritime studies at Fiume. Twice did he sail round the earth in the service of the Adria Shipping Company as a young lieutenant speaking more languages, then he became a long-haul sea captain. n 1902, he entered the service of the Chinese state, organized the mail boat service on Yangtze River, while he was mapping the neighbouring area. After he became the provincial director of the Chinese Imperial Post he was elevated to the rank of mandarin as a foreigner, and he was awarded even by the Republic of China in 1923. He commanded great respect among the local population by his work done and by the two volumes titled Ten Years in China and On Board a Junk Across China. Though he had travelled the whole world, but he considered Balatonalmádi as his home.

The artist

Csanád Beretvás

Csanád Beretvás was born in 1973 in Budapest. At a young age, he started carving wood, learning from folk craftsmen. His interest quickly turned to sculpture and he began to deal with various techniques and materials. He works with all natural materials, yet his most powerful work is stone sculpture. He works in parallel in several places in the Balaton Uplands and between Szigetújfalu on Csepel Island. He is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists, the Association of Fine and Applied Artists, the Veszprém Artists Guild and the Csepel Gallery Association. Most of his public works are located in Veszprém County.

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