Cross window

András Kontur: Cross window

(2022, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The artist

András Kontur

András Kontur was born in 1973 in Budapest. He began his secondary education at the Vocational School of Stone Carving and Stone Sculpture, after which he obtained his sculpture diploma in 2008 at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. His mentors were Ádám Farkas and Zoltán Karmó.

In 2007, the young artist took part in a large-scale artistic task that demonstrated serious professional preparation. During this project, the monumental-sized, allegorical stone sculptures of the main facade of the Budapest University of Technology, destroyed in 1945, were reconstructed and re-erected. The sculptures by the artist, who has a fresh approach and primarily works with granite and limestone, are characterized by clean shapes, delicately pierced detailing, and even a "stone chipped" surface that pushes the boundaries of the material properties of stone.

His works, carved from stone, are deeply rooted in tradition, yet they also transcend it, opening up new horizons. This connection and divergence, the preservation of values alongside the intention to broaden the scope of values, are evident both in the materiality of the works and in their processing methods. In addition to the infusion of stylistic elements with tradition, the meaning and thematic spheres of the works are also shaped by the relationship forged with the past. András Kontur's stone sculptures not only initiate a meaningful dialogue with the past through their motifs and technical execution but are also inherently linked to the aspirations of modern sculpture.

His works are displayed in galleries, exhibitions, and public spaces. Notably, the statue of Bishop Áron Márton and Cardinal József Mindszenty in Budapest stands as a testament to his craftsmanship.

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