Birdman Flies No More

Pasi Mälkiä: Birdman Flies No More

ino longer exists

(2015, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The artist

Pasi Mälkiä

He was born in 1972 in the capital of Finland. He began his studies at the School of Liberal Arts in 1992 and then continued at the Department of Painting at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts in 1994. He studied at the Czech Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1997.

According to anthropologist Mary Douglas, we all build our own subjective world by categorizing reality. What happens when we drift from the center of our own world to its obscure and malleable edge, which is dominated by chaotic forces and independent of our will? Chaos, as a source of creativity, provides an opportunity for the artist to create his own subjective reality with his works by exploring these dark, unknown areas, the endless world of otherness.

Pasi Mälkiä’s works are symbolic, dream-like visions that make us see and recognize parts of the realm of chaos. The spatial ensembles of small sculptures are fragments of otherness that surround our chemically pure world in an infinite and ever-changing form and threaten to penetrate through the damaged parts of this “perfect” world. Mälkiä draws on his world of style and means of expression from comics and animations that are the frontiers of art. His works, combining stories and imaginary language detached from reality, try to make the world of otherness and chaos more understandable through absurd analogies and symbols.

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