In the boat

Géza Széri-Varga: In the boat

(2013, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

Géza Széri-Varga’s artwork is simplified, almost schematic. With the rusty figurative forms embedded in concrete represent playfulness, serenity, yet conceptual philosophic order and accuracy.

Source: Pannon Tükör, 2013/6

The artist

Géza Széri-Varga

Géza Széri-Varga was born in Budapest in 1951. He graduated at the Hungarian College of Fine Arts in 1976. His masters were Tibor Borbás, Sándor Mikus and József Somogyi.

His works have an expressive effect, building on the grotesque, the absurd. He has won awards at several exhibitions with his sculptures. There are many public works in several cities of the country.

“In figural sculpture, I feel most at home, I like the slightly grotesque shapes. From the beginning, the medal, the small sculpture, the portrait, the public sculpture are both concerned. I also work with bronze, stone, wood, steel, and more recently glass concrete. I love combinations of these materials.”

“Sculpting is an everyday activity for me too. I would like to share my joys and sorrows with as many people as possible. Fortunately, clay, plaster, bronze, stone, wood, steel help.”

He is a member of the sculptor and medal department of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, the Hungarian Sculptor Society, the National Association of Hungarian Artists, and the Békés Landscape Art Society.

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