Blessed state IV.

Zsolt Varga Zoltán: Blessed state IV.

(2024, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

From the beginning of 2000 the abstract forms become more figural. The theme does not change. The wooden, sensitively shaped, stylized figures are continuously approaching the two dimensions. By the end of the decade they become flat plastic pieces of art resembling plate coverings which speak the sculptural language of the mature artist with their concave and convex shapes, fine curves and clean cut silhouettes.

Around the end of the decade the lines became even simpler, the edges became even harder, the forms were more rectangular. Incisions, openings breaking through the forms and punctures appear in the flat plastic pieces of art shaped like foldings (Pregnancy, Man and Woman IV, Torso, Secret Staircase). In order to show spatiality he does not need to carve the real spatial extension of the body. Composed for the light and shadow effect, the bends and curves of the bent-like forms accurately define space.

The male-female couples and the pregnant female figures are almost all without a head. This state of facelessness and headlessness is important from many aspects. The face carries the personality and uniqueness. However, Zoltán Zsolt Varga’s sculptures represent the plastic tradition that aims to step over the unique towards the figurative.

The artist

Zsolt Varga Zoltán

He was born in 1962 in Szombathely, Western Hungary.

Graduating from the Sculpture Department of the Fine- and Applied art school in Budapest in 1980, his masters were Tibor Borbás, László Kutas, Lajos Orr, Béla Tóth and Mihály Mészáros. Additionaly, he earned a diploma of stoneworks restoration in 1989 at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts under sculptor master Pál Kő.

His exhibitions:
  • 1989 – Galeria 11, together with János Bíró and Miklós Kocsis.
  • 1999 – First solo exhibition at Gödöllői Galeria.
  • 2002 – Second solo exhibition at Aegon Gallery, Budapest.
  • 2005 – Gödöllői Galeria, “Five sculptor from Gödöllő” with Edina Papp, János Bíró, József Petrovics and Pál Szinvai.
  • 2009 – For the invitation of the town of Kevelaer, Germany, for their summer exhibition he created a grassed soil plastica, titled: “Earth-Mother”.
  • 2011 – Third solo exhibition in Studio Bertalan Székely at Szada.
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