Escaping from itself

Tamás Mosonyi: Escaping from itself

(2013, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The artist

Tamás Mosonyi

He was born in Pécs in 1969 and still lives and works there. His masters are sculptor Tamás Gaál, painters Ilona Keserü and Péter Somody. He is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists, the Hungarian Sculptor Society, the Pécs-Baranya Artists’ Association and the Siklós Salon.

“Mosonyi chose the non-easy and uncommon genre of iron sculpture. Instead of patterning by laying the material or carving out the shape, shaping it by taking the material away, engraving, the soldering and welding soldering iron, the flame, is the working tool. It connects, melts with it, but most of all it destroys: by grasping the suggestive forms seen in the material under the influence of flame and heat, quoting the artist’s words - “he asks about the relativity of the genres and the world around us.” Witty titles give help to expand the associations suggested by its forms, to interpret the spectacular unity of the wire bundle sliding on the pedestal and tying it.” (Zsuzsanna Mendöl, art historian)

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