Beata Czapska: Sea-Lion

(2014, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The artist

Beata Czapska

She was born in Warsaw. After graduating as an architect, she moved to Paris in 1974, where she worked as an architect for 13 years. Building on her experience in architecture and design, working with simple forms, she studied for 6 years in the studio of sculptor Rene Coutelle. She uses marble, granite, limestone, bronze and wood for his works, choosing the material and technique for the theme.

The main themes of her creations are animals, expressing moments of their independence on the wild stage of their lives. In addition to depicting flora and fauna, she also designs human figures, portraits, of stone and bronze. She also worked on the New York City Fountain project. She has been a member of the French Artists ’Association and the Polish Artists’ Association since 1992. She has more than a hundred works in private and public collections in Europe and other countries as well.

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