Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen: Dorian

(2013, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The sculpture arriving from Finland with the support of the Hungarian Embassy in Helsinki is created by the Chairperson of the Finnish Association of Sculptors, Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen. The author was inspired by the novel of Oscar Wilde - closed glass cube with a male head inside made of plastic. Dorian Gray is yet young, but as the years passing by he transforms: distorts, getting old. To make it happen the artwork needs permanent sunny location.

Source: Pannon Tükör 2013/6

The artist

Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen

Born in 1957 in Helsinki, graduated from a school of visual arts in 1990. She holds a doctorate in engineering. She is a teacher, a product designer and a photographer. Her solo exhibitions in Finland and Russia, his group exhibitions in Japan, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Switzerland and Sweden have already been seen by the public. She is the winner of Finnish and German art awards, her works are collected by Finnish national institutions.

She is the president of the Association of Finnish Sculptors.

“The artist was inspired by a short story by Oscar Wilde; plastic head in a closed glass cube. “Dorian” is still young, but it changes over the years: it distorts, it gets older. For this to happen, the work requires constant sunny space. It is an exciting work that is made unforgettable not only by its novel composition, but also by the elusive transposing force that can transform real space into an artistic abstract space.” (Pannontükör art journal, written by Lajos Veszeli)

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