Memorial Bench of Dezső Véghely

Henrik Bődy: Memorial Bench of Dezső Véghely

(1914, St. Elizabeth's Park)

Véghely Dezső (1840-1897) was a versatile sub-lord of Veszprém County. He took an active part in the public life of Balatonalmádi and he promoted its development. His name is associated with the promotion of the public lighting of the Old Park (St. Elizabeth’s Park) and the port, as well as the construction of the telephone network. One of his most prestigious “work” was the creation of the Yacht Club.

The Portrait of Véghely Obelisk was created by sculptor Henrik Bődy (1914). The Memorial Bench made of stone invites the visitors in the Old Park of Balatonalmádi to relax.

Source: Krisztina Foghtűy (museum pedagogist, descendant of Véghely)

The artist

Henrik Bődy

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