Comedian 1

Balázs Berzsenyi: Comedian 1

(2013, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

Living and working in Italy, sculptor, Balázs Berzsenyi is attached to Balatonalmádi by his childhood. It was during the Italian-Hungarian Cultural Year, when he presented his 9-piece comedian series, the title of which was Top Hat then. His comedian figures are destined to symbolize merriment according to the intentions of the artist. Both in a more liberal form and feeling with a brave drive, there are grotesque, totally stylised, moving human characters que up in front of us. The simultaneous presentation of notions and momentary spiritual contents, the resolution of movements and the reintegration of the elements of movements together with the temporal motion appears concurrently and in an experiencing form in his works.

Source: Pannon Tükör, 2013/6

The artist

Balázs Berzsenyi

He was born in Budapest in 1960 and received the title of Folk Applied Artist in 1990. He has lived and worked in Genoa, Italy, since 1996. There are several public sculptures in Italy and Hungary. He works with stone, wood, steel.

The 9-piece “Comedians” series made of Carrara marble in the sculpture park was presented here on the occasion of the 2013 Italian-Hungarian Cultural Year.

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