István Fáskerti: Torso

(2013, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The artist created the sculpture when he moved to Balatonalmádi. The body of a woman wading into water was immortalized by the creator.

The artist

István Fáskerti

He was born on 25th of March, 1948 in Vérteskethely. He completed his high school studies at the Pál Török High School and then took a stone sculptor’s exam. He worked for the Arts Foundation for 16 years and then became a freelance artist. Masters, with whom he mastered the profession during years of cooperation: Tibor Borbás, Róbert Csíkszentmihályi, Sándor Rétfalvi, Pál Kő.

He moved to Balatonalmádi in 1989. His studio is currently located in Nagykovácsi.

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