Dialogue of Existence

Patrizia Tummolo, Bruno Zanini, Giuliana Sangvineti: Dialogue of Existence

(2013, Handshake Europe Sculpture Park)

The artists

Patrizia Tummolo

She was born in 1961 in Genoa. After graduating, she attended the Paul Klee Institute for Experimental Arts in Genoa. Since that time, a steady flow of inspiration encouraged her to experiment with different techniques from painting to sculpture. In the ‘90s, she was responsible for the theatrical scenery of the “Squillace” performances in Squillace (Catanzaro). Numerous solo exhibitions of her have opened in Genoa and around the country. Her work with Bruno Zanini and Giuliana Sangvineti can be seen in Balatonalmádi, entitled “The Dialogue of Existence”.

Source: https://it.paperblog.com/patrizia-tummolo-fa-parte-del-movimento-presenta-la-sua-biografia-ed-alcune-opere-3173734/

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Bruno Zanini

He was born in Casarza Ligure in 1957. Initially self-taught, then in 1985 he attended some courses at the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa. Since 1991, he has had several group and solo exhibitions. He is a founding member of the Liguria Arte (La pietra Black) Cultural Association. He creates his works of marble, stone, wood, slate, semi-precious stones, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and iron.

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